The Master plan committee operates with a governance document that mirrors university policy related to committee membership on campus. The governance document also details the specifics of the duties of the committee and its subcommittees. The governance document also has attached two technical appendices that help the committee and design professionals with design related specifics for campus. The governance document provides assistance to the overall committee with the use of two subcommittees: a. Monuments and Memorials b. Design Review (DRC)

  1. Monuments and Memorials Subcommittee: Mission is to ensure proper consideration and protection of MSU campus items of historical and traditional significance. Develop a long range plan for the repair, maintenance, preservation and protection of any and all such items. Work to reposition all displaced items back as close as possible to the original location as per the Master Plan. Acquire information relative to the original purpose, design and construction of all such structures. They will also be engaged when new monuments and memorials are planned for construction on the campus. This subcommittee meets as required.
  2. Design Review Subcommittee: Mission includes review of the project relative to the recommendations of the Master Plan, with emphasis on sustainability, the quality of the public realm and landscape, on architectural form and exterior appearance, on the design of primary interior public spaces, and the relationship and contribution of the project to its immediate surroundings and to the campus context. Attention to these aspects of the DRC’s mission is of particular importance in the historic core of the MSU campus. The charge to the DRC is to review project design in conjunction with the Office of Planning, Design and Construction Administration and in accordance with the Guidelines section of the Master Plan. (Building Code, ADA Law, Exterior Design Guidelines Appendix, Architectural Guidelines Appendix and Master Plan Landscape Guidance page 121). The DRC meets monthly or as campus project load requires.

Governance Document