Master Plan

Mississippi State University has been working from a master plan for campus since early in its existence. During the master plan update process in 2009, a master plan map for campus was discovered in a vault in Lee Hall. This map dated back to the late 1800’s and was drawn by a landscape architect out of Kansas City, Missouri. The drawing was very fragile and was taken to the university library for preserving and archival. This map was an example of the importance that has been placed on planning on the university campus from the very beginning.

Over the years several groups have helped the university work on the campus master plan. One of the most significant groups was the Olmstead Brothers. These were the sons of Fredrick Law Olmstead the father of landscape architecture. They helped guide campus growth for around 30 years; 1962-1986. The firm guided campus committees and President’s make important decisions about the campus. Most of these files are archived with the National Parks Service and will forever be preserved for generations to come.

The latest vision for the Mississippi State University campus was developed in 2009-2010. It was a very thorough process that was a year in the making.