Campus Wide Recycling Program

Mississippi State's campus-wide recycling program is an easy-to-use and cost-effective complement to MSU’s traditional waste management program.

All papers, plastics, cardboards, and metals are recycled through a simple program aimed at capturing as much recycling material within the offices and common areas without requiring individuals to transport the material to centralized collection points.

During a waste and recycling trial and study conducted in 2010, it was determined that over 90% of the waste in offices was recyclable material. For this reason, existing office containers were converted to recycling containers and larger recycling containers were placed throughout buildings in common areas.

Recycling containers are either blue in color or marked with an MSU recycling sticker. See the images below for specific information on accepted materials. You may download the images for printing here and here

For more information on the Campus-Wide Single Stream Program contact the Office of Sustainability at 662.325.6637.  You can find the Campus Recycling Guidelines here.