Mississippi State University welcomes all Design Professionals and Contractors to participate in the building and renovation of facilities and properties owned by Mississippi State University. Mississippi State University has established within the Division of Campus Services the Office of Planning Design and Construction Administration (OPDCA). This Office is to handle the planning, design and construction of new and existing facilities. It is the a goal OPDCA, to assure that all building projects, both new and renovated, be of sound design, quality construction, within budget, and on time. To accomplish this goal OPDCA has established several objectives which will apply to all aspects of the project beginning with funding, design, structure, materials, building systems, sustainability and cost. These objectives are as follows:

  • To ensure that the project is fully funded and funding has been secured.
  • To ensure that the programming and documents meet the Design and Construction Standards established by Mississippi State University.
  • To ensure that no major decision is overlooked or forgotten
  • To be proactive and identify conditions that will affect the final design.
  • To allot adequate time for the Professional to be proactive in lieu of reactive
  • To allow the Professional the ability to maintain control of the project during design and construction document preparation and during construction
  • To facilitate decisions quickly so as not to delay the project.
  • To assure the commitment to a specific solution is made at all points thru out the design process and thru construction.
  • To avoid constant redesign and expense when new information is introduced late in the design process
  • To ensure the budget is real and not fictitious.
  • To ensure that infrastructure, parking, landscaping and exterior lighting are included in the program and in the budget
  • To ensure that Mississippi State University is obtaining the maximum building for the cost budgeted
  • To ensure that the design and construction meet the 2012 IBC, 2010 ASHRAE 90.6 and 2010 American Disabilities Act.

All construction and renovation projects on property owned by Mississippi State University including those projects located off campus shall be run thru the Office of Planning Design and Construction Administration. It is the intent of the University to keep a sense of unity within its facilities, while ensuring that the health, safety and welfare of students, faculty, staff and visitors is assured through excellent design of all university, campus and facilities environments.


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